As the translation industry is constantly evolving, there are now certain terms used to define specific translations that do not fall into the general category. And translation services are also in great demand, both industrial and personal, one of the best translation agencies is

See the following short guide for an explanation of some of the common translation terms used by agents.

Administrative Translation

Text translation is administrative. Although administrative has a very broad meaning, in terms of translation, administrative refers to common texts used in businesses and organizations that are used in day-to-day management. Administrative can also be expanded to include texts with a similar function in government. For more information on administrative translation, check out our translation services page or contact one of our teams to talk about it.

Commercial Translation

Commercial translation or professional business translation includes all kinds of documents used in the business world, such as correspondence, company reports, tender documents, reports, etc. Commercial translation requires an expert translator with knowledge of the terminology used in the business world.

Economic Translation

Similar to commercial or basic translation, economic translation is only a special term used for the translation of documents related to the economic field. The text is usually more academic.

Financial Translation

Financial translation is the translation of a text of a financial nature. Everything from banking to asset management to stocks and bonds can be covered by our financial translation service.

General Translation

The general translation is the simplest. The common text means the language used is not high and to a certain extent in the understanding of the layman. No specific or technical terminology is used. Most of the translations done fall into this category.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is the most difficult translation known. At its simplest level, legal translation means the translation of legal documents such as statutes, contracts, and agreements. Legal translation will always require the attention of an expert. This is because the law is closely related to culture and requires translators with a very good understanding of the source and target cultures.

Most translation agencies will only ever use legal professionals to do the work. This happens because there is no opportunity to make mistakes; Mistranslation of any part of the contract can be fatal. When translating texts in the field of law, translators should keep the following in mind. The source text legal system is structured in a culturally appropriate way and this is reflected in the legal language; Likewise, the target text should be read by someone familiar with other legal systems and their languages.

Literary Translation

Literary translation is the translation of literary works such as novels, poems, and plays. Literary translation is considered by many to be one of the highest forms of translation because it involves so many things, more than just translating the text. Literary translators must also be able to translate feelings, cultural nuances, humor, and other subtle elements of a literary work.

Medical Translation

Medical translation will cover everything from the medical field, to drug packaging to manuals for medical devices and medical books. Like legal translation, medical translation is a specialty where mistranslation can have serious consequences.

Technical Translation

Technical translation has a broad meaning. Technical translation usually refers to a specific area such as IT or manufacturing and deals with texts such as manuals and user guides. Technical translations are usually more expensive than general translations because they contain a large amount of terminology that only expert translators can handle.

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