Alternative self-presentation options

Today, there are many ways to talk about your experience beyond the classic resume. For example, you can prepare a video resume if the candidate has to communicate personally with clients, represent the company if the vacancy involves publicity, self-presentation skills. Making such a video for your page, you can draw considerable attention to yourself and get more feedback.

In addition, you can create a landing page – a simple neat site where you can talk in detail about his experiences and post examples of work, if it suggests a profession. This does not replace the usual resume, but it may well strengthen it, supplement it.

Write letters

In addition, the expert advises to write cover letters. But not just in the format of “My name is Maria, I’m interested in your job, my resume is in the attachment.” Such a letter should contain a short self-presentation of the person: key information about his experience, an explanation of why he is interested in the company and why he is a suitable candidate.

The resume is not made at the speed of typing. It is the result of serious analytical work, which requires time and effort. But the game is definitely worth the effort. After all, the next item you add to your resume may be the job you dreamed of.

Write only the most relevant information for the specific job

It’s understandable that any candidate wants to tell as much about himself as possible. But for this there is an interview. Write only the most important details in your resume.

Visual part

Useful tips, how to make a resume, you are already armed. Let’s move on to its design. Every candidate wants to stand out from all other people on paper. Your resume is a perfect opportunity to prove yourself, so it’s important to make it as attractive and clear as possible.

Usually the decision on your resume is made in the first few seconds, even before the recruiter reads the first word on the page. The overall layout and format should draw attention to the text. So you need to make an effort to get past this first stage of the selection process.

Are graphics and photos necessary?

Lots of graphics may cause your resume to fail the ATS scan we talked about above. As for photos: remember that you’re looking for a job, not a dating partner. Pick one business photo. If the ad doesn’t say that a photo is required (it may be important for certain positions), you can leave it out of your resume altogether.

Resume specialist near me will always find and help you to write a resume that will increase your chances of being invited for an interview.

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