Pizza Margherita Recipe

Sunny Anderson’s sweet and spicy chicken is super moist, quick, easy and perfect for grilling. I just found a biscuit recipe that rivals my would make a fantastic base for your sweet sausage gravy. You need the fine ground so they release their oils which makes the dish very very rich and oily and ofcourse yummy! Take the chicken out of the oven and turn them over, brushing with marinade if desired.

The original old recipe does not pre bake the pastry but the horrors of soggy bottoms force me to bake blind for ten mins at 190C. Add requests for subsequent Recipes, comment on existing ones, and share Recipes you are working on. Yes I’ve cooked this in a gas oven, sorry I’m not sure on the temp conversions from gas to electric, just prepare it as per the recipe and maybe baste it every 40 mins or so.…

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