3 Healthy Wrap Recipes That You Can Easily Bring On The Go

If you have been trying to get your family to eat more healthfully, you likely realize how very difficult it is to find recipes that contain only healthy, natural ingredients. This formula can cover a wide range of possibilities – baked chicken, cheesy noodles and broccoli, grilled steak with peppers and onions served with tortillas, sautéed ground beef with Asian vegetables served over rice. This recipe is a great source of protein and is easy to prepare,” says chef Graham Elliot, who’s lost over 150 pounds.

This yo-yo effect is very common in kids today because of the amount of simple carbohydrates they consume in Junk food and soft drinks. Knowing what went into the meal is becoming more and more important to us as we strive to stay fit and healthy. An easier and more practical way to reach this goal is to follow a healthy eating pattern, including …

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