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Are you familiar with Halal food? You might have heard of some controversies about Halal food, but the truth is that many people don’t know anything about it and the health benefits it offers.

The Quran states that Halal means permissible. The primary concept behind Halal food is to drain out the animal’s body of all blood, toxic waste, and bacteria during slaughtering to make digesting it easier.

Halal also pertains to any lawful practice or action under Islam and the right procedure for slaughtering animals used for food.

Below are some of the health benefits that Halal food has to offer:

Free from Antibiotics

Antibiotics are often used during the production of meat, presenting serious human health-related risks. Every time people ingest these antibiotics or antimicrobials through meat consumption, their bodies may end up becoming resistant to antibiotic medicines. However, with Halal food, you can be sure that you will only get healthy food with no antibiotics.

Absence of Growth Hormones

Farmers usually feed certain chemicals that are forbidden or haram in Islam to speed up the growth of animals and give them proper nutrients. Animals that will be used for Halal food must be free to graze and must not be subjected to chemical treatments.

No Dangerous Chemicals and Toxins

Muslims believe that using the Halal method for slaughtering animals is kinder and cleaner alike than other forms of slaughtering. When the halal method of slaughtering is used, there is a lesser amount of stress hormone released. As a result, eating the meat of the animal will also cause lesser health-related problems to the person’s body.

Lack of Preservatives

Halal food doesn’t contain any traces of preservatives. Preservatives used on foods can cause some chemical changes such as many compounds known to cause cancer. These can inhibit red blood cells as well, preventing them from doing their job of carrying oxygen.

Other Important Halal Beliefs to Remember

There is a big chance that the industry of Halal will continue to grow in the next several years because of many reasons. One of these is the expected growth of the Muslim population all over the world in the next 10 years.

It is important to remember that Halal is not just about the way the food is prepared. If you are really serious about following the guidelines of Halal, below are other things you need to avoid.

  • Avoid consuming blood in liquid form.
  • Never consume alcohol that is considered haram based on Muslim beliefs.
  • Don’t eat an animal that died due to natural causes.
  • Stay away from eating animals that died after being strangled or beaten.

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