I guess many people like to eat chocolate, especially some people in Europe and the United States who are very fond of chocolate. Everyone has a large demand, so the production volume in Europe and the United States is also very large, and there are many suppliers. Most of the suppliers must make chocolate chip-making machines.

Chocolate Chip Making Machine Necessary For Making Chocolate

There is a very hot chocolate maker in the UK. He is an expert in the chocolate industry and has his own chocolate studio in North London.

He said that most of the chocolate in the world is produced by four or five candy giants. Although mass-produced chocolate is constantly developing and expanding, people who really love chocolate all like chocolate chip making. machine This machine is processed on a scale.

Raw Materials For Making Chocolate

 The whole process of making chocolate requires the use of flowers from the cocoa tree.

Because the cocoa tree has very strict requirements on the living environment, it can only survive in places with high temperatures and sufficient moisture all year round.

This is what the cocoa pods look like when opened. There are about 25 to 40 cocoa beans in each pod, and each bean is surrounded by a layer of white pulp.

After picking the pods, people simply remove some of the pulp wrapped around the beans, ferment them, and then put them into a relatively large wooden box, spread the beans evenly, and cover them with banana leaves, so that They ferment for 5 to 7 days.

During the fermentation process, the temperature of the beans is kept at around 50°C. Continued high heat kills bacteria that attach to the surface of the beans, drying them out and giving them the desired brown color.

After 5 to 7 days of fermentation, the beans are left in the sun for 7 to 10 days. In some plantations, tools are used to heat the beans evenly, while in some primitive farms, people will go barefoot into the drying area of ​​the beans and turn the beans through the movement of the instep.

After drying, it is packed into a sack and shipped to suppliers around the world, where it is made by a chocolate chip-making machine.

Operation Of Chocolate Chip Making Machine

 After the beans have been screened, they go into a tumbling oven for roasting, where the beans are baked for about 20 minutes to dry out the surface of the beans, allowing the skin to be removed more easily and giving the final chocolate a better taste. Smooth and free of impurities.

After roasting, the beans will be put into a chocolate chip-making machine, and the peeling mode will be operated. It removes a thin layer of skin on the outside of the cocoa beans through a series of operations. This skin will affect the taste of the chocolate, and also It does not contribute to the taste development of the chocolate.

The peeled cocoa beans can enter the formal grinding process. With the rotation of the roller of the chocolate chip-making machine, the cocoa beans are gradually ground, and the rich cocoa butter in the beans is sucked out. About 50 percent of cocoa beans are cocoa butter, a fat that melts around body temperature.

After about three days of grinding, we need to divide these liquids into a grinder according to different tastes, one with milk powder added to it for the production of milk chocolate. Some extra cocoa butter and sugar can also be added, and the result is a dark chocolate pattern directly.

The final processed liquid is poured into molds, where it sits for several weeks, an aging process that helps further invigorate the chocolate’s flavors.

Does it sound and look simple, that is, with the operation of the chocolate chip-making machine, all the operating procedures will become very simple.

How Chocolate Chip Making Machine Works

The hot air enters the bottom of the dryer tangentially and forms a powerful rotating wind field driven by the agitator.

The paste material enters the dryer from the screw feeder. Under the strong action of the high-speed rotating stirring paddle, the material is dispersed under the action of impact, friction and shearing force. The block material is quickly crushed, fully contacted with hot air and heated, dry. The dehydrated dry material rises with the hot airflow.

The large particles are intercepted by the grading ring, and the small particles are discharged from the center of the ring to the outside of the dryer and recovered by the cyclone separator and dust collector. The undried or large materials are thrown to the wall of the device by centrifugal force and then fall to the bottom to be crushed and dried.

Features Of Chocolate Chip Making Machine

  1. The organic combination of swirl, fluidization, spouting, and crushing, and classification technologies
  2. The equipment is compact, small in size, high in production efficiency, continuous production, and realized
  3. “Small equipment, large production”
  4. High drying intensity, low energy consumption, and high thermal efficiency
  5. The material has a short residence time and the quality of the finished product is good, which can be used for drying heat-sensitive materials.
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