Combine the chicken, green chilies, salsa, chicken bouillon, navy beans, and water in a slow cooker. Stir stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, light red kidney beans, dark red kidney beans, mild salsa, chili seasoning mix, and garlic powder into the beef mixture; bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low, and cook at a simmer until the flavors meld, 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Soon his higher-power pork was replaced with carefully sourced goat to honor some anti-swine eating patterns among our growing champion-to-be team and open up the possibility of a chili called Oh My Goat, which fit with the divine inspiration his e-mail had provided for a theme.

With a nutritional mix of lean turkey, beans, veggies, and warm spices like cumin, cayenne, and cinnamon, this comforting soup will actually make you want to get up off that cozy couch to make it. It’s also quite high in potassium, thanks to the meat and kidney and black beans.

After you’ve let the chili and broth mix simmer a bit, put it in the crock pot and add in the rest of the ingredients and cook on high for a couple of hours and then turn down to low and you can cook it all day and get it whenever you feel like eating it. If cooking all day and leaving it, you can just start off on low and leave it there.

Next week, it’s back to the usual: being a rude, opinionated, self-righteous person who can’t accept that people like different things” and likes to maul cultural treasures and flub simple comfort foods” while being arrogant and insulting” (to quote commenters percysowner, Craig, and AF, respectively).