Popcorn is the ultimate snack/movie-watching food and with such a variety of flavors, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Forget whatever you know about the usual microwaveable bags of popcorn, Asian pops are a completely different experience! Whether you’re looking for some tangy and spicy temptation or some sweet and earthy flavored gourmet popcorn, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of the most popular Asian flavors to try out!

Japanese Flavors

Everyone knows about Japan’s matcha green tea flavor but there are actually a lot more to choose from if you decide to go for an all-Japanese popcorn combo! Here is some other popular gourmet popcorn:

  • Matcha (green tea). This is a shoo-in for any list of Asian popcorn flavours. Matcha powder has been used as food flavouring since the 9 th century and it’s now part of Japan’s national identity. It makes for a surprisingly delicious combination with salt, butter and corn.
  • Sakura (cherry blossom). Another element of Japanese culture that this snack reflects well. Sakura is associated with springtime in Japan and symbolizes new beginnings. It’s become popular to eat sakura-flavoured treats during Hinamatsuri, the traditional Japanese Doll Festival. Sakura and popcorn? Why not?
  • Yuzu (citrus). Yuzu is a type of Japanese fruit similar to grapefruit. It has a unique flavour that works well with the taste of buttery popcorn.
  • Matcha Shake. This one’s not as much for those who like salty snacks as it is for those who love sweet treats. Popcorn blended with sweetened milk and matcha powder, topped with whipped cream? Yum!
  • Matcha Latte. A close second to the Matcha Shake in terms of sweetness, this is popcorn served with a cup of hot or cold green tea so you can add your own sugar and cream. Perfect for a hot day!
  • Strawberry and Milk. A popular Japanese pop made with real strawberries and milk. How can you go wrong?

Taiwanese Popcorn

This is very much like the Japanese version, but it packs more of a punch in terms of flavors thanks to its spicy kick. Taiwanese love mixing sweet and savory elements in their food, just like how they do with bubble tea.

  • Taro Milk Tea. A popular Taiwanese drink made with taro root powder and milk tea. It’s creamy, it has subtle sweet notes, and because of the taro element, you’ll taste an earthy flavour that works very well with popcorn.
  • Pineapple. Bits of pineapple are blended into the popcorn’s buttery coating. The result is a pop that tastes like your favourite tropical fruit with a slight saltiness to it.
  • Spicy Salt and Pepper. If you love super spicy food, this one’s for you! Made with fried shallots, garlic, salt and pepper, it is a Taiwanese version of the popular Chinese salt and pepper pop.

Thai Popcorn

The Land of Smiles also has a wide variety of popcorn flavors to offer, from the sweet to the spicy.

  • Thai Tea. Another drink that inspired a flavour for this list! Thai tea is served hot or cold, usually with milk and sugar. It makes an excellent flavour for popcorn because it’s not overly sweet but still manages to taste delicious.
  • Mango. One of the best Asian popcorn flavours sweet, juicy mango bits are blended into the buttery coating so every pop gives you a burst of fruity flavour. If you love sweet snacks, this is the popcorn for you.
  • Spicy Thai Basil. This one’s a little different from most of the other Asian Popcorns on this list because it doesn’t just taste like one single flavour. It has a complex combination of sweet and spicy elements that makes it stand out. Made with sugar and chili flakes, it is also a unique savoury popcorn.

Vietnamese Popcorn

Culturally, the Vietnamese are known for being very creative with their food. They love experimenting with different ingredients to create flavors that are unique but still have elements of familiarity. Their use of sugar in most dishes gives their food an interesting edge, too!

  • Taro Root. Taro root makes a great popcorn flavour because it’s naturally sweet and creamy. Because this pop is made with real pieces of taro instead of just flavouring, you’ll taste the earthy element that complements popcorn very well.
  • Dulce de Leche. This one’s for all the caramel lovers out there! Dulce de leche is a popular caramel sauce made in South America. It’s sweet and rich, just like the popcorn it inspired!
  • Thai Tea. Same as the Thai version but with an added element of creaminess thanks to the milk that is blended into the coating.

Korean Popcorn

Our Asian gourmet popcorn list wouldn’t be complete with Korean flavors. Korean popcorn takes inspiration from its neighbors in terms of flavors, but it puts a twist on them to make them entirely unique.

  • Kimchi. Kimchi is a popular Korean side dish made with fermented vegetables. It’s spicy and tangy, which makes it a great flavour for popcorn!
  • Matcha Latte. Same as the Japanese version! This sweet treat tastes delicious in any form, but it’s extra fun to eat the popcorn version of the drink.
  • Nakdong Orange. Named after Korea’s Nakdong River, this pop is exactly what it sounds like – orange flavoured! The citrus fruit gives a nice citrusy nose to the pop that will wake up your taste buds.

There you have it, five Asian popcorn flavors that are worth trying. Whether you’re looking for sweet, savory, or just something completely unique, you’ll definitely find it somewhere in this list!

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