I admit I was surprised by the results of the Slate Reader Takeover poll in which I invited you, dear readers, to turn the tables on me and explain which recipe I’m doing wrong. Thanks to its copious amount of beans (including black beans, chickpeas, and red kidney beans), plus pumpkin, this dish is chock full of potassium and is a great post-workout meal. His recipe is from one of his cookbooks, Let’s Eat: Recipes From My Kitchen Notebook Be warned.

Next time I have to lighten up on the chili powder because my family can’t handle much heat, but otherwise…YUM! I’m going to make the Western Sauce, as I have some buttermilk left over from last night’s Oven Baked Catfish(your recipe). Ground Beef and Salsa Chili, from The Dakota Diner in Webster, South Dakota, can be on the table in 30 minutes or less.

The toppings for Tiffani Thiessen’s meatless garbanzo, pinto, kidney and black bean chili are up to you. For a crowd-pleasing party dish, first cook up Matt Abdoo’s coffee-rubbed brisket, then add it to spicy black bean chili. Add beef short ribs and remaining cooking liquid to pan and bring to low simmer.

Gently stir the roux mixture into the chili stirring all while to mix in well and continue cooking until thicken. Make Meatless Monday exciting with a hearty sweet potato and black bean chili spiked with beer and a trio of sweet and spicy peppers. After the onions are soft and the beef is cooked, add the garlic and cook for another couple minutes.chili recipe

With the pressure cooker method, you can decrease the cooking time even more by using canned/cooked beans. I might force myself to wait until our first cold Saturday because being home all day with a simmering pot of chili and football on TV when it’s cold outside sounds heavenly.

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