Spiked with cayenne, this addictive chili recipe is easy enough to throw together on a weeknight. If you enjoy making freezer meals, I would suggest using the first recipe as it freezes well for future meals. Cook it in a crock pot or Dutch oven over medium heat, stirring, until the meat is done. It’s best to let it simmer uncovered, but that’s totally impractical because it sputters and bubbles and makes a big chili mess.

Boneless chicken breasts and a variety of canned beans make the chili super easy and convenient. Rachael fuses two camping classics — chili and baked beans — for a smoky, bacon-infused main dish. Dry beans are about half the cost and don’t contain all the sodium that the canned varieties do. To cook your beans: Soak beans in a large pan for at least 6 hours, or overnight.

Add the onion and garlic, and cook stirring frequently until beef is evenly browned. Chili with beans could have come about during the Great Depression as an inexpensive way to stretch out the dish, because by the 1950’s, the controversy had began. At this point, I always mentally pat myself on the back because my chili has vegetables in it and is therefore very healthy, which is why it’s totally fine to bury it under a pile of cheese and Fritos before eating.

The ingredient list states 2 cans, and in the recipe it says to add almost 1 can in, I don’t see where you add the rest of the 1st can and the second can…please advise! Simple umami & spicy Pressure Cooker Beef & Beans Chili to satisfy your hearty comfort food cravings.

Chilies are ideal to mix with different ingredients such as pork, pepper and beans. Many people think that chili is fattening because of the carbs associated with it in the form of beans. Daniel’s epic recipe follows, as does another recipe from the pro winner, Marinus Sous Chef Anna Steege.